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[[What happens in an ER?]]
[[What happens in an ER?]]
  What happens in an ER?  When I heard the question, my first thoughts were of my visits to the emergency room.  My version has been slightly different than most in the class since I am in the military.  My last trip to the ER consisted of a tent on a small military base in the desert.  However, the basic processing was similar to an ER at any major hospital.  Patients are first received and triaged by a medic.  If the injury or illness is life threatening then the patient is immediately admitted.  If not, the patient is placed in a waiting area and begins providing administrative and medical information.  When admitted, nurses or medics take vitals, evaluate, and prepare the patient for a doctor or physician assistant.  The patient then receives higher level medical treatment with a follow up from a medic and is then discharged.  At least, that was my perspective!
  I think the biggest lesson I learned in our first class is that no ER visit is exactly the same.  There are many variables that affect the process of patient care in the ER.  In addition, I learned that patients, nurses, doctors, and administrative staff all have very different perspectives and roles in the ER.  I think the biggest challenge I will have in this class as a Systems Engineer is designing an ER that maximizes the efficiency of every participant.

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What happens in an ER?