8/21/08- Thoughts on the Lectures

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The days lectures were very helpful and insightful. Marilyn's presentation was overwhelming, especially when the current staffing crises (lack of nurses, etc.) was discussed. It also occurs to me that creating a solution may in fact cause the problem to worsen. Allow me to elaborate... say the wait time were cut in half at every ER across the board (let's just say someone came up with a system that made everything more efficient). This would actually increase the amount of people that would go to the ER (because someone who previously would have gone to their primary to avoid the 6 hour waiting room visit now has less motivation to do so). This is in much the same way that widening a highway encourages more traffic. So perhaps along with designing more efficient EDs, part of the solution to deal with volume of patients should be to educate them on what constitutes the need to see an ER doctor, and what can wait for a primary.