Tuesday, August 26

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Rebekah Wiley (rebekah.wiley@emoryhealthcare.org) was a very informative nurse and tour guide. I thought the tour was quite thorough in terms of visiting different compartments of the ED. Some things that stood out to me were:

1. The nurse was calling the patient’s name with a projected voice – maybe a microphone system would work better for both the nurse and patient, since the nurse won’t have to traumatize her vocal chords and the patient can hear his/her name easier and in a more pleasant manner.

2. I have an issue with hall beds. If I was a patient, I would not want to lie in the hallway while others ambulate through the hall. It seems so open and there’s no privacy at all. I understand this is a space issue, but I still think it’s uncomforting somehow.

3. The information technology seems complicated – there could be some improvements done here, just not sure what.

4. There is too much paperwork – let’s try to go more electronic for checking in/out.

5. Parking could use some restructuring – seems like there are people who park their car for an extended period of time, which could cause space unavailability for new patients.

6. The signs in the ED could be less confusing with a standardized way of labeling, for example, the words before the arrows or the arrows before the words.

7. There seems to be space not utilized – should consider using these spaces to help expedite the flow of processes.

I would like to have more information on Crawford’s ED:

- Floor plan

- Nurse and physician shifts and staffing

- Some statistics on patient care: what was done, in what capacity, problems with beds, etc.