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119 Aug: Tuesday19 Aug: Tuesday - What happens in an ER?
19 Aug: What happens in an ER?2008.10.09.pdf21 Aug: Thursday
21 Aug: Thursday - Hospital design26 Aug: Tuesday - Crawford Long ED tour29 Sep: Monday - Emory John's Creek ED visit
8/19/08-What constitutes an ED8/19/08- What Constitutes an ED8/21/08- Thoughts on the Lectures
8/26/08- Crawford Long VisitAction Plan + ScheduleAcuity-Adaptable (AA) Rooms
Aftercare Support System DesignAli AsmiAlicia Sanchez
Allyn RippinAlpha Final Project Suggestions (10/11)Alpha Final Project Suggestions (10/2)
Alpha Project SuggestionsAmbient intelligent stuff
Asthma Control RoomAug 23 - Julia JonesAug 28 - Craig Zimring
Aug 30 - Hughes Spaulding VisitAugust 23August 28
August 30-Site VisitAugust 30-Site Visit ReportBALEK LIGHTING: An Integrated Lighting System
Bao (Kelly) ToBecky HalcikBelieve in Tomorrow Foundation
BlogBrandon ThompsonBrochures
BudgetCARE ON RAIL: Extendable Adaptable SlidersCaroline Castellino
Center for Health Design websiteChung-Lun KuoClass Blog
Class Notes and ThoughtsComboConnecting Patients and Families
Course HomepageCurrent eventsDaniel Baily
David CowanDavid HerrenDay 1- Emergency Room for the Future
Day 2- Emergency Room for the FutureDay 3- In an Emergency RoomDays in the Class
Definition of Emergency MedicineDenis MASSEDiane Dutcher
Diane dutcherDischarge InformationECLH Tour Notes
ED Tour QuestionsER First day's classER Tour
Effective and Pleasant Treatment RoomsElaine SmithEllen Yi-Luen Do
Emory/Crawford Long VisitEnd User DevicesEvan Zasoski
ExternalExternal SolutionsFahad Al-Emam
FamLinkFamily Information Recreation Space Transit - FinalFinal Paper
Girish VenkateshHand Holder
HomeworkHow to build an effective ERHughes Spalding
Hui CaiHyorim ParkIdeas Page
ImagesImproving Patient Experience in Treatment RoomsInformation Innovation
Information Innovation - FinalInitial Budget PlanInitial ED Impression and Reflection
Interactive Waiting RoomInteractive Waiting Room TeamInterest area
InternalInternal SolutionsInterview with Dr. Jeremy Ackerman
Issue 1Issue 1: Family/Visitor Presence in the ERIssue 1: family/visitor presence in the ER
Issue 1 : Better Lighting in an ERIssue 1 : Hallway BedsIssue 1 : Inventory Management
Issue 1 : Noise Levels in the EDIssue 1 : Patient Centered DesignIssue 1 : Patient Expectation and Wait Time
Issue 2Issue 2: Patient Education/Information: Waiting RoomIssue 2 : Ambulance Diversion
Issue 2 : Patient PrivacyIssue 2 : Positive Distraction for PatientsIssue 2 : Reduction of Patients' transportation time
Issue 2 : Reduction of TransfersIssue 2 : RegistrationIssue 2 : Registration-Triage
Issue 2 : Wayfinding in the EDIssue 3: ER Design considerations in a Medical SurgeIssue 3 : ED Relations with the Rest of the Hospital
Issue 3 : Flow/ThroughputIssue 3 : Improving triage processIssue 3 : Records Management
Issue 3 : Stress ReductionIssue 3 : Waste ManagementJamie Beyer
Jeremy AckermanJiten ChhabraJoe Riley
Jon's NotesJon KoehlerJonny
Kapil Raj NairKelly MillerKristin Hermann
Lateral Waiting SpacesLavanaLighting Cues
Link titleLink to CITI Completion ReportList of all 29 topics
List of all 30 topicsLu,YiMain Page
Malek BessaadMarianna JewellMarilyn Margolis
Medical RecordsMeeting MinutesMichelle Williams-Davis
Minutes of Meeting : 10/20/2008Minutes of Meeting : 10/23/2008More Pictures
Mpower: The New Patient LifelineMulti-User Touch Table - FinalNIC Clean Pocket
NIC Problem SpaceNIC RFID Smart RoomNeil Russell
Nosocomial Infection ControlNosocomial Infection Control - Final
NotesNotes - budget and deadlinesOctober 02-team project presentation
Online / Virtual World Resources?Open SpacePatient Centered Care for XXX
Patient Self - Service InnovationsPersoanl Waiting Room AssitantPersonal Waiting Room Assistant
Pervasive Asthma Monitorig SystemPervasive Asthma Monitoring SystemPhase One
Phase ThreePhase TwoPictures
Pink FloydPinkyPonderings
Ponderings!Powerpoint SlidesPresentation about ER
Problem DefinitionProblems Navigating to Hughes SpaldingProblems Navigating within Hughes Spalding
Process Simulation TeamProjectProject Ideas
Project Teams and MembersQ & A'sRandeep
RedRoom Messaging TeamRoom Specialization
Rung-Yu TsengSarah HiltonSelf Service
Sep 04 - Gerri LambSep 06 - Perkins+WillSep 11 - Ellen Yi-Luen Do
September 04September 06September 11-IRB certificate
September 11-with IRB certificateSeptember 13September 18
September 20September 25-team idea presentationSeptember 6: Perkins Will
Site Visit to Hughes Spalding (October 19)Site visit car poolingSolutions
Step-by-Step (wayfinding design team)Step-by-Step BudgetStep-by-Step Site
Step by Step Way-finding - FinalStephanie NguyenSue Bhat
Sushama BhatSushama Bhat @ Sue
SyllabusTRIAR: The Triage ChairTable Top Budget
Tabletop ComputingTeam ...Team 3H
Team AlphaTeam Budget pageTeam H4C
Team InfinityTeam LefthookTeam Lego
Team PageTeam SoloTeam Synergy
Team XTelemedicin and Home Care TeamThe Wall
Thursday, August 21Touch ScreenTouch Screen Computer Interaction
Touch Screen Computer Interaction TeamTravis Reineke FischerTriage
Triage SpacesTuesday, August 19Tuesday, August 26
Tuesday, October 7Tuesday, September 2Tuesday, September 23
Universal RoomVijayVijay Ramnath
Virtual Environment Simulation teamVirtual design System-FinalWaiting Rooms
Waiting for a BedWayfinding Design TeamWeek 6 (9/25, 9/27)
Week 6 Project DevelopmentWeek 7 (10/2, 10/4)Weekly schedule
What happens in an ER?Wiki for COA 8823 - Patient Room of the FutureYoung Seon Choi
Youngseon ChoiZero