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Project name: Open Space by Leaf Technologies Group

Team Members: Hyungsin Kim, Neil W Russell, Alicia Sanchez



  • Enhance Patient / Provider communication
  • Patients feel they “waste time” in ER
  • Improve patient experience in ER
  • Utilize space in triage and treatment rooms

Problem: There is deficient communication between healthcare providers and patients in the ER.

  • Technical language may confuse patients
  • Patients in distress and pain, not the best circumstances to listen to the hospital staff at the time of triage or treatment
  • Lack of tools that facilitate communication with patients in a more basic level

Solution: Open SpaceSM provides a multimedia interactive screen that can be used to play educational videos, display important messages, and communicate with friends, family and healthcare providers. Not only will this communication centered tool provide a new patient-provider dynamic in the emergency room, we propose to leverage a new business model for self-service and provider generated content (e.g. YouTube or Wikipedia).

Open Space is an interface that:

  • Facilitates communication between patients and healthcare providers
  • Provides information to patients about their current visit to the ER
  • Educates patients about their medical condition and planned procedures
  • Offers entertainment to the patient and/or family who are waiting

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