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week 1 (8/19, 8/21)

August 19

15 min each instructor gives a background - who we are, and pedagogical goal

15 min Ellen shows work from past course, and phases of the course

Ellen's presentation of past courses - Toward a Smart Healing Environment [Summary]

5 min - write down impression what happens in ED, problems or challenges are

5-10 min - discussion about what happens in ED

20 min - Jeremy talks about What's in ED, "a day in the life of an ED Doc"

Jeremy's presentation What actually happens in ED? Media:What_happens_in_a_ED.ppt

  • homework - 1. create your personal profile page, 2. write down what you think happens in ED - the class exercise, and (3) write a reflection piece about "What you have learned today about ED" and any questions or concerns, 3. do the readings listed below
  • Reading this week -

August 21

Health Systems 101 - what happens in hospitals

40 min Jim and Marvina introduce Building Systems perspective (programming, adjacency, etc)

25 min Marilyn introduce Organization/Clinical environment

  • homework - prepare a list of questions or things you want to see in

an ED Tour next week

week 2 (8/26, 8/28)

August 26

Tue 8/26 Tours of ED - meet at Emory Crawford Long Emergency Department Entrance at 5:00 pm

Ellen will be at Tech Square Mgnt bldg from 4:30 - 4:45 - and ready to walk over to ECL Hospital at 4:45

  • Jeremy to arrange ED tour of Grady - a different day and time TBA
  • homework - take notes about the tour and write it up to post on Wiki web site as a blog about what you have learned

(put a picture of yourself in your profile page as well! thanks)

August 28

Thu 8/28 Clinical Process

David to talk about Health Systems perspectives - presentation slide media:DesignClass1.pdf

  • sophisticated vs elegant

A reading assignment from Marilyn - Functional Flexibility Media:functional.pdf Group report back observations from the Tour

Some Useful Resources

week 3 (9/2, 9/4)

September 2

Tue 9/2 - physical environment, design and trends of ED

Jim and Marvina to give presentation of Perkins+Will experience and trends

Second half of the class would be break-out groups for problem definition exercise

Jim's presentation media:Jim-sep02-2008.pdf Marvina's presentation media:Marvina-sep02-2008.pdf

The forms for this week's exercise media:problem.doc

September 4

Thur 9/4 Design Charrette

Work session - Jeremy and Marilyn to invite ED clinicians from Emory to come particiate Student brainstorming and design session - to be held at HSI conference rooms

  • possible to extend to 2 - 2.5 hours?

week 4 (9/9, 9/11)

September 9

Patient and Family Center care

Tue 9/9 - Marilyn's presentation media: What_is_Patient-_and_Family-Centered_Care.ppt

  • Resources

to download free pdf Georgia Tech subscription paper from the following:

Here are more online access

unit origami folding paper dumpling (3) and cube (6), and icosahedron (30 pieces, 60 faces) - ;-)

  • here is a video showing you how to make the unit origami cube and icosahedron (i showed you the dumpling today, the dumpling fold would come in handy when doing the icosahedron, normally i made 5 cubes, then take them apart to put them together)

  • For the week #1 unit origami that can be made into 3D origami - here is a preview of the work you can build all with just that one unit - (click through the pages, each of course takes patience and time)

September 11

Thur 9/11 - Joyce to present on field observation methods techniques of Steelcase's Workspace Futures - possibly extend to 2.5 hours?


week 5 (9/16, 9/18)

September 16

9/16 - team field observation

To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System (2000), Institute of Medicine (IOM) read online

September 18

9/18 - lecture by Dr. Jon Morris, to speak on Sept. 18th regarding Computerized documentation, and EMR.

presentation slides media:CPOE.ppt

week 6 (9/23, 9/25)

September 23

0. please upload your field observation reports in the class wiki of your group (as indicated before) before the class

1. each team will have 5 min to present their findings from the observations - no more than 10 slides please

2. please also print out posters for each one of the issues from your team, and post them on the walls of the break room

please have one poster for each issue - the size for each issue should be at least 22 x 17 size (it doesn't need to be fancy, can be composed of multiple pages of letter size, but the issue, problem definition, and related info should be clearly visible)

- the goal - to have all 21 issues clearly visible and displayed in the break room (so that we can do prioritization, and have each person to select their top choices of problems to work on)

HSI students may know where to find easels and foam core boards if you want to mount them up, or find good tapes that won't harm the paints on the wall.. Alicia probably know where to order the removable tapes for mounting posters..

anyhow - please put the poster ups in clockwise fashion on the wall - for example, Groups 1, 2, 3 on the right hand side wall of the break room (207), 4 on the end wall, and 5, 6, 7 on the left hand side.

we will bring post-it notes so that you can each write your name, disciplines and the preferred problems to work on, or something like that

September 25

Please complete IRB training AsAP.. post your certificate on your member page when you have it

  • think about meaningful problems, possible solutions and innovations!..
  • we should be finding what problems are - then figure out what innovations we can do to help solve the problems ;-)

week 7 (9/30, 10/1)

September 30

Project Teams and Members

Each team should

(1) identify at least 5 principles for the project

(2) identify problems in "crisp" and "brief" descriptions

(3) find at least 10 related literature, either evidence, benchmarking or best practices examples (look up Center of Health Design's evidence based design solutions or intentions for each problem, or information collected from site visit

(4) come up with at least 5 innovations to solve the problems - quick design sketch

Present this on October 7

October 1

work session

week 8 (10/7, 10/9)

  • Individual team design time

week 9 (10/14, 10/16)

10/11- 14 Fall Recess

10/16 team work time

interest area

notes - budget and deadlines

week 10 (10/21, 10/23)

week 11 (10/28, 10/30)

Project presentation

Budget due

Need to mark out the space needs on this pdf file where your project will be media:2f-existing-annotated.pdf

You should build inside the Event Room (the large space outside the Board Room/Conference Room) as much as possible, and install them on site the weekend before the VIP Open house.

Poster printing should be done before Thanksgiving (since Living Gameworksin Dec 1, and 2, there would be a lot of printing).

week 12 (11/4, 11/6)

week 13 (11/11, 11/13)

week 14 (11/18, 11/20)

week 15 (11/25, 11/27)

refinement for open house

week 16 (12/2, 12/4)

Final Presentations (VIP and Public Open House)

week 17 (12/9, 12/11)

Final report due 12/11

Some resources about technology and emergenency medicine

Related Readings:

On Healthcare Design

On Healthcare

On Technology

  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with Skype [1]
  • Hornof, A. J. & Cavender, A. (2005). EyeDraw: Enabling children with severe motor impairments to draw with their eyes. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2005: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, New York: ACM, 161-170. PDF file.