Mpower: The New Patient Lifeline

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Project: Mpower: The New Patient Lifeline

Team: Allyn Rippin, Caroline Castellino and Sushama Bhat

Problem: ED treatment rooms can be an isolating, stressful, and dehumanizing experience for patients. A lack of information and loss of control can lead to anxiety, boredom and a sense of helplessness. The current bedside remote control offers patients limited function, flexibility and connectivity.

Solution: This innovative, universal “lifeline” is designed to connect, engage and empower the “stranded” patient through information and positive engagement. With its colorful, user-friendly touchscreen and wafer-thin design, patients can access information about their progress, learn more about their caregivers and customize their rooms with relaxing video "views" of nature.

Poster: Media:MpowerPoster.jpg

Postcard: Media:MpowerPostcardFront.jpg - Media:MpowerPostcardBack.jpg

Project Presentation Slides: Media:Mpower Final Presentation.ppt

Final Report: Media:Mpower Final Report.doc