Minutes of Meeting : 10/23/2008

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                                          MINUTES OF MEETING

TOPIC: Weekly Status Discussion.

Meeting held Date: 23-Oct-2008

Time (duration): 1 hr 45 min

Venue: HSI Bldg

Participants: Brandon Thomson, Becky Halcik, Kapil Raj Nair, Ellen Do, David Cowan, Craig Zimring, Dr.Ackerman

Minutes recorder: Kapil Raj Nair

Meeting Agenda Items:

Following were the tasks that were carried out:

  • Discussed the timelines and deadlines
  • Decided on the items for the triage
  • Decided on the simulation data collection and simulation stub.
  • Shared our ideas with the instructors and heard the improvement suggestions/directions from them.

Action items

  • Becky to colloate useful data, upload the timelines
  • Brandon to plan a trip to Grady and presentation slides stub.
  • Kapil to make the simulation basic model and talk with Prof.Goldsman on how to proceed with this.
  • To meet on Monday to make the presentation slides and sketches.