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Background: Received BS in Biology in 1977 followed by a BS in nursing in 1979. Both degrees from Albright College in Reading Pa where I worked for 2 years and then came to Atlanta. I then received a Master's degree in Nursing Administration. I worked as a SICU (surgical ICU nurse) and a CCU (coronary care Unit) nurse for many years. I also did medical legal consulting for 4 years and had a company Medical Legal Consultants. I spent 8 years with Hewlett Packard in the medical division and worked with the sales team in the midwest and southeast. In 1999 I began working as a Director in the Emergency Department at Emory and later began as the multisystem director for Emergency Services. Currently I am the DIrector of Operations at EUH.

Interests, presentations and honors: I am currently working with evidenced based design and innovation as a member of the multidisciplinary team developing plans for our new hospital. I also am part of the initiative of Patient and Family centered care and have presented multiple presentations regarding our progress. I was honored to be the 2007 recipient of the Nursing management Visionary Leader Award, a national award, nominated by my division!

Please contact me for questions and for tools that we have discussed in class. My office number is 404-712-0681 and my e-mail is