Issue 3: ER Design considerations in a Medical Surge

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Problem Definition: How do we design an ER taking during the time of a medical surge/a disaster. Should we think about a mobile ER?

Online Research:

  • A lot of resources are available online about how the hospitals are reacting to any surge through a Mobile ER. A lot of these were build during the Katrina. These were ER's inside a tent or an ambulance. This article also says that they are able to save a lot of lives just by providing immediate and basic trauma care instead of sophisticated care in the hospitals.
  • A lot of these ER's are commonly used for treating sportsmen/women during an emergency.
  • Mobile ER's were widely practiced during the times of the Vietnam war/Afghan war. Every time when a solider comes back hurt, there is a doctor crew which provides instant Care for them like in the ER. However, mobile ER's also possessed additional new problems for the doctors on what patient to take care first? It seems they give priority to the one who is more likely to be alive first!

How do we measure them?

Here is an excellent resource that i got online from Springerlink- According to the authors there are 4 core issues to consider when thinking about this

  • The availability of various response styles (telephone service, walk-in service, follow-up home visits, mobile initial response)
  • The types of staff providing the service
  • The location of the programs, and
  • The organizational setting of the ER providers