Issue 2 : Reduction of Patients' transportation time

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Problem definition

In the ER, patients spend a lot of time waiting to be conveyed from one place to the other. It could be between the ER to a specialty department, from the ER to an inpatient bed, or even within the ER,... And this time is too long : it may take several hours in some cases.

Related work

That problem is due to several issues we've talked about :

- the number of transportations for one patient is too important.

- these transportations entail changes in the nursing teams who care about the patients and that slows down the process.

- the specialty departments,especially concerning diagnosis like imaging are too far from the ER.

- the rooms are specialized for some kinds of treatment and so patient need to be tranferred from one room to another within the ER. Rooms are not enough universal.

Ways to measure outcome

We have thought about the following possible measurements to assess the efficiency of the improvement :

- the length of waiting for the patient

- the length of stay for the patient

- the number of transportations from one place to another during the stay in the ER

References and research

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