Issue 1 : Inventory Management

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I. Statement of Problem

  • The current tracking system for hospital supplies and stocking routines is not very productive and effective, resulting in loss of money from theft as well as being time-intensive. A proposal to improve this process is suggested. The new system should allow for easy tracking of supplies used/replaced and fast recognition of staff responsibility in the process.

II. Related Work

Research should be conducted in the areas of:

  • Implementing automated inventory systems such as PYXIS and OMNICELL
  • Incorporating different specialties supplies cart and bundling systems
  • Investing in novel supplies transfer technologies, ex: conveyor belt system linking supplies room to patient room for faster and more convenient delivery

III. Metrics

  • Tracking the volume of supplies usage.
  • Revenue generated from the new process implementation/money saved from theft

IV. References & Research

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