Initial ED Impression and Reflection

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In-Class Exercise

--> Patients come into the ED

--> Pts sign-in or go immediately to a room

--> Pts register (contact info, insurance, etc.)

--> Pts see a nurse and have vitals taken, preliminary evaluation

--> Doctor sees Pt and does a history & physical

--> Tests may be ordered & preformed

--> Doctor decides on treatment



I think I have a relatively good impression of the basics of what goes on in an ED. I completely forgot about triage which is a major process. I thought it was interesting that no one touched on lab and radiology because those tests and departments can have a major impact on how the ED runs. I did not realize how high the volume of patients providers really was until Dr. Ackerman's presentation.

I have shadowed a few ED physicians in the past so I know generally what they do daily. But, I am not really sure what the other members of the care team do and what their exact roles are.