Improving Patient Experience in Treatment Rooms

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October 28th presentation: Media:MPowerpresentation.ppt

We are still evaluating our budget costs. We may want to use the touchscreen device created by an earlier class, and borrow a projector.

ER's Visited

Grady Memorial Hospital - 10/7/08

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston - 10/16/08

Our Ideas so far:

We observed that while waiting for medical care, test results, and discharge in a treatment room, patients may experience the following:

   * Loss of control over body and immediate environment
   * Disorientation within hospital
   * Disconnection from outside world
   * Isolation
   * Vulnerability
   * Anxiety
   * Boredom
   * Agitation 

Hence we are concentrating on improving their sense of control and connectedness with not only the environment in their room but also with the hospital / external world.

We are thinking of a touch-screen based control that achieves the same. This multi-functional control device would allow for some entertainment and distraction by providing objects that would change based on external stimuli and/or music/television. It would also help the patients control the light/sound/temperature of the room and also provide them with information about the medical team that is treating them.

We have a design for the touch-screen device which we would like to get some feedback on. We also talked about what kind of objects (that respond to stimuli) we should have - plants, fish, buddies to name a few.