Emory/Crawford Long Visit

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08/26 Site Visit Report


  • Hospital main entrance hall is very inefficiently furnished. There are several large single and love seat couches, that could be replaced by different more accommodating furniture to fit the patients and their families.
  • Direction signs were not clear in the hallways. Although they were built using magnetic plaque /strips there wasn't a clear layout that could easily be interepreted by visitors.
  • Parking not enough to accommodate bed numbers. Although several parking spots are available to physicians & staff in the lower parking deck/level, some still use the patient parking.
  • Acute patient rooms are too small. Each room fits 4 patients and has a nurse assigned to them, but the room is too narrow and each patient has the space for one chair/couch.
  • Almost all examination areas have a very low privacy issue since the barrier between the areas are curtains that could possibly be infection resistant they don't do much for noise absorbtion.
  • Monitoring system way too complex, with over 10 tabs, several different variables in each one (Color, Symbols, Abbreviations).


  • Force physicians to park in the lower parking.
  • Design curtains to combine use of sanitized material & soundsproofing material.
  • Waiting rooms should be more fun for children; whether it be more video consoles or better entertainment centers (bigger TV's) and if sound is an issue you could use wireless headset to limit noise.
  • Use more practical furniture to accommodate larger number of visitors
  • Use wall mounts ot reduce clutter level of desks, shelves and carts.
  • Simplify monitoring system by introducing easier interfaces and perhaps even a touch-screen UI.