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Before going to this class, I didn't know well about the ER american system. I know the french one but I supposed that the functionning was almost the same and that ER here are faced to the same kind of problems: there come very various patients, with very various injuries or deseases and they need care more or less quickly. The picture I had of ER is that you have to wait a long time before being cured and that the ressources are never enough.

And during this class, I had the confirmation that these problems are at stake : patients who come because other healthcare institutions are closed, people who come for nothing really urgent, the lack of ressources like physicians who don't want to work at night,... But through this course, I became more aware of the difficulties for the physicians to have the capacity to cure almost every kinds of injury or desease and I became conscious of the dilemma : to cure more patients but not really minding the patient's sensibility or to cure less patients but they will be happier when they'll leave the ER. Another great difference between the French and the American systems is the health insurance. Do patient must have an insurance to be accepted in ER? I'm was not familiar with this kind of questions and that surprises me that the ER must "only" stabilize the patient before sending him to a public hospital if he hasn't any health insurance.