Day 2- Emergency Room for the Future

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The business of the class was to understand how an ER can be made effective. To understand the factors which needs to be considered while designing an ER . We had the following presentations.

  • Marilyn's presentation on Nursing and the problems faced by the nursing sector in the country.
  • Jim's presentation on Hospital Design and the adjacency involved.
  • Marvina's presentation on ER and the new changes and concepts in the field of ER.

The class would be visiting Emory hospital to understand how ER functions there.

Questions I have for Emory

  • How will Emory manage an emergency situation where the demand for treatment exceeds what the ER is prepared to handle?
  • How are the nosocomial infections contained in an ER when the patient flow rate is very high?
  • How well are the ERs organized to handle proper information flow between patients and doctors ? Between the ER staff, between doctors(especially when a transfer of a patient occurs from ER to another department)?
  • Do we use IT services for communication and keeping a data bank of patients coming to ER?
  • How can engineers help in designing a better ER at Emory? To know the perspective of ER staffs.

Good Read

I feel so :-)