Day 1- Emergency Room for the Future

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Quoting Wiki, an emergency is a situation which poses an immediate risk to health,life, property or environment. Therefore it requires immediate attention. So according to my understanding , an emergency room is a place where you should be prepared enough to meet an impending emergency all round the clock.

Hence from the location of the room to the flooring of the room, it requires immaculate planning. But I was not aware of how an ER should be planned. Some of the points which I had in my mind were

Question When an emergency happens, there is no time to check for the existing medical condition and if the patient is not in a position to explain, what would happen? Can we have a system in place, so that at least a patient who had come once to the hospital have his records available in the ER?

Question What about the people in those countries in Africa/Asia which does not even have a hospital in a 100 miles? Is there any smart way to help them through any protocol of communication? ....Sorry my fancy...

Question What if a patient dies in a hospital? Any security for the emergency room staff?

When Dr.Ackerman started speaking and when the class started responding, things started unveiling before me. Many of my questions got answers. I understood how an ER functions, what is the kind of patient flow rate we have in an ER? (Emory standards are really close to the national average. I don't remember the numbers though). I also liked the concept of evidence based design which was suggested.

I wondered when told about the spectrum of patients who comes to the ER . Is it a right way to treat all the patients who come there without having a specialist? I know it is practically not feasible for all specialists to be present there. But can we use video conferencing or any other sort of communication mechanism to help the doctors and nurses in the ER to take a decision. Probably a global sourcing technology would help.

The session gave me an insight about ER.I also understood how it is different in the States. But there are open questions still left.