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I am a Masters of Health Systems student. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I am hoping to use my education as well as industry experience to make improvements to the health care systems in third world regions.

My impression of an ED: Patients with emergency injuries or patients with no other way to receive care come to the ED. The patients traveling to the hospital by their own transportation are registered and then ordered by acuity as they wait in the waiting room. The patients with the most serious injuries or illnesses are seen first. Many patients and families spend hours waiting to be seen. Other patients come to the ED by ambulance. I believe someone has already coordinated the arrival of the patients, and a bed is prepared for them.

Today in class I learned a lot about the complexity of the work in a ED. I did not realize how the doctors and nurses in the ED are trained in all specialties. The added pressure of having to make quick decisions makes their job extremely difficult. My initial thought is that ED facilities should be designed first around the staff because the staff needs to take quick action to save the lives of the patients. The ED should be designed to help them make quick decisions and act quickly.