CARE ON RAIL: Extendable Adaptable Sliders

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Project name: CARE ON RAIL: Extendable Adaptable Sliders

Team Members:

Fahad Al-Emam

Chung-Lun Kuo

Denis Masse.

Problems of Universal Room:

(1) Some equipments in rooms are only partially used.  

(2) Difficulty to put patient in an appropriate room.

(3) All-in one concept needs more resources on operation and maintenance.

(4) Acuity-adaptable model needs more staff support.

(5) Bigger footprint.

Proposed Solution:

(1) Our project aims at extending the functionality of the ER & OR by enabling it to provide different types of care without the burden of setup and tear down of each individual room. Our design is intended to alleviate the clutter of multiple equipment, that take up space and possibly hinder the care givers functions, by abstracting a common set of resources that instead are provided from a slider running on a rail. As a result, the rooms will become easier for care givers to navigate and the technicians to setup, operate, and maintain.

(2) In our design of the slider we connect it to a rail mounted on the ceiling, which connects both equipment zones, and it can move back and forth between equipment zones. In the Control Center, a technician can operate the sliders by choosing the ready slider (top most on a stack) and moves it forward on the rail until it reaches it's desired destination. Finally, another support mechanism descends it into the room, thereby freeing up the rail so other sliders can move freely. Furthermore, we designed the slider to include the most common set of instruments needed in the ER/OR. Each device can pull off the slider to be used and can be placed back into the slider via a recoil connector. The slider's height can be adjusted easily to accommodate the varying heights of the medical staff and thus eliminating extra stress added by trying to reach up to extract the needed tool.

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