BALEK LIGHTING: An Integrated Lighting System

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Balek logo.jpg
Project name: Balek Lighting: An Integrated Lighting System

Team Members: Bao (Kelly) To, Malek Bessaad

Problem: (1) Poor lighting in the emergency treatment room hinders healthcare staff from providing quality care. (2) Lighting system does not provide a healing environment for the patient.

Solution: An integrated lighting system, the Balek System, that would provide clear and bright lights for working and provide ambient, diffuse lighting for patients while in waiting.

Balek Project Final Documentation


Media:Balek Brochure.ppt

Project Presentation Slides
Media:Balek PPT Slides.ppt

Full Report
Media:Balek Research and Design Paper.doc

Invention Disclosure Form
Media:OTL Disclosure Form.pdf

Media:Balek room without proper lighting.jpg
Media:Balek prototype.jpg
Media:Balek set up.jpg
Media:Balek red room.jpg
Media:Balek blue room 1.jpg
Media:Balek blue room 2.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panel A_1.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panel A_2.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panel A_3.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panels ABC_1.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panels ABC_2.jpg
Media:Balek lighted panels ABC_3.jpg

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