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There is a need to reduce patient’s anxiety due to waiting in the Grady's Emergency Department Waiting Lobby. Patients with anxiety at the ED report decreased satisfaction with the treatment of pain. Anxiety sometimes leads to aggression and even violence, increased risk of clinical deterioration, ambulance diversion, patients' LWBS (Leave Without Being Seen), inflated staff workload, and more. Engaging patients while waiting in the ED lobby reduces anxiety and offers positive experience and distractions. The purpose of this project is to reduce patients' and family members' anxiety while waiting in the ED by offering gesture-based interaction with the flexible interaction wall which provides information about hospital, parking, health, patient tracking,and health-related games. Moreover, the wall is an exchange platform for downloading applications on the smartphones. The significance of this project is to improve the patients' and family members' experience in the Emergency Department through the gesture-based UI on the wall as well as on the smartphone.

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1. Ljilja Kascak, MID,

2. Mothusi Phometsi

3. Erxi Liu

File:The Wall Report.pdf