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Project Members

Ben Cleveland, MSHS

Laura Salisbury, MID

Lee Sanghun, MSIE

Problem Statement

Elderly patients frequently take multiple prescription and over-the-counter medications leading to complex daily dosage routines. Additionally, prescriptions are not always filled at the same pharmacy, resulting in a fragmented collection of the patient’s medication history scattered among multiple sources. The volume of medications that elderly patients take puts them at risk for medication noncompliance taking the form of negligence, abuse, or alteration of prescription directions. The elderly make up a significant portion of the emergency department population and accurately communicating their medication history and compliance is critically important to ensure quality emergency care. Due to physical or mental impairment, these patients may have difficulty accurately conveying this information in a stressful environment such as the emergency department. As a result, doctors are forced to use any means necessary to obtain an accurate record of what patients have been prescribed and how closely they have adhered to prescription directions. Often doctors are forced to make quick decisions based on incomplete and/or inaccurate information possibly leading to further health complications in the emergency department.


Our solution, Parachute Prescription Network, is a digital application that allows the caregiver of an elderly patient to link medication information from the patient's online pharmacy accounts, online hospital accounts, and automated medication dispensers into a single account. This account can be accessed through a patient passport that is brought with the patient to the Emergency Department, where practitioners can quickly check a patient's filled prescriptions from multiple locations, compliance record, and and over-the-counter medications that are registered.

Key Points

-Elderly patients have many prescriptions to keep track of from multiple sources

-Doctor has difficulty assessing medication history and compliance

Design Principles

• Quick Access • Accurate Medication Information • Customizable to each patient • Address Geriatric • Include Caregiver • Easy for practitioner to digest information quickly

Poster & Brochure

File:Folder Brochure.pdf

File:Poster Parachute Prescription Network Final Version.pdf


File:Parachute Prescription Network.pdf