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Member Pages

Please add yourself here, and create your personal profile wiki page here, where you would (1) introduce who you are, background, interests, goals, etc, (2) include/upload/attach your reflections

Ellen Yi-Luen Do college of architecture and college of computing, her motto? work hard, play hard, she has a [web site] or the one on CoC SIC - see Ellen Yi-Leun Do, PhD

David Cowan I have been a consultant for 25+ years in the healthcare industry. I have been in projects just like the Hugh Spalding project many times - serving as the coordinator between the hospital, architects, builders, and the information technology leaders.

Jeremy Ackerman MD PhD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory University

Craig Zimring

Example student page

Sushama Bhat. I am a graduate student in the Computer Science Masters program, specializing in Software Engineering. I also work as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Health Systems Institute. I worked for a couple of years after my CS under-graduation and then came to Georgia Tech to pursue my Masters in CS. It has been a great one year but I'm also excited about graduating this semester! I love to travel and I've recently begun shutterbugging.

Vinay Bharadwaj

Benjamin Cleveland

Chen Feng

Qing Guo (Michelle)

Frank Crittenden

Ljilja Kascak

Jeonghee Kim

Erxi Liu

Jing Liu (Jenny)

Jelece Morris

Arun Padmanabhan Narasimhan

Hangue Park

Mothusi Phomets

Laura Salisbury

Janani Venugopalan

Yash Kshirsagar

David Woods

Eric Esposito

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