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==[[Health Buzzer]]==
==[[Health Buzzer]]==

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Georgia Tech Wiki for Emergency Room of the Future

ARCH 6271-CZ (90189), BMED 8813-HDF (89191, CS 8803 HEF (82850), HS 8803 (82850), ID 8900-HEF (89499)

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Part of the Healthcare Design of the Future Series


The main objective of this interdisciplinary course Arch6271/BMED8813/CS8803/ID8803/HS8803/ is to design and develop the health care center of the future and specifically on designing the Emergency Room of the future.

Here is the course flyer * check out the "Current Events" tab on the left for a list of Course members.

The course is mainly intended for the students to

1. To experience and learn techniques for successful interdisciplinary design

2. To be exposed to the unique challenges of healthcare design

3. To learn the importance of environment in the healing process

4. To understand the roles and skills of multiple disciplines in the design process including: the architect, the systems engineer, computer/technology engineer, and the clinician

Final Project

The Wall


Health Buzzer



Parachute Prescription Network


1. Jeremy Ackerman, MD PhD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory University

2. David Cowan, Program Director and Executive in Residence at HSI

3. Ellen Yi-Luen Do, PhD. Professor, Joint Appointments in School of Industrial Design & School of Interactive Computing

4. Craig Zimring, PhD. Professor of architecture and Psychology

HS8803/COA8823/CS8803 carries 3.000 credit hours of Lecture and is jointly handled by the Health Systems Institute at Georgia Tech and the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. Please read the Georgia Tech's Course Critique tool for a clear idea about the scores earned by the students in the previous semesters.

Schedule The class is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 - 4:30 pm at 3rd floor at Health Systems Institute. 822 West Peachtree Street HSI location map

For weekly schedule, check out the Course Syllabus on the left.


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