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Hello This is Jeonghee Kim, 3rd year PhD student in ECE. I'm a member of GTBionics lab and participate in Tongue Drive System.
'''Reflection (8/21 Tue)
I've been in Emergency Room in Emory Hospital in Midtown recently for my friend who had a kidney stone. I could remember the scenery of the ER.
My Dad is also stayed in hospital frequently for his Chemo in Korea and he was stayed and discharged in hospital a lot. I know how complicated procedures are.
From those my experiences, I was really disappointed the procedures and waiting time. I did not think the medical procedure has problem, however, to get the right examination and right remedy, it took forever and ever, especially if the symptom was not severe. I understand why it could be happened, on the other hand, I always think the system should be changed. So, I'm very pleased to take a deep look in healthcare system, especially Emergency Room and want to learn more about that.
'''Homework1 (8/21 Tue)
[[File:Photo-11.JPG]]  '''                    '''[[File:Photo-13.JPG]] 

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