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Vinay Bharadwaj Eric Esposito


Audible is a centralized patient monitoring system that aims at reducing the noise pollution and the resulting stress on patients by delegating the alarms to a remote centralized location within the hospital which is continuously monitored.


1) Centralized monitoring system: Keeps track of each patient's status in the patient database which is updated on a microsecond granularity. Hospitals already maintain the patient information in their databases. The centralized monitoring system requires monitoring a few parameters for each patient and does not produce much overhead. Multithreading ensures a fast, responsive and reliable system.

2) Nurse messaging: The nurse messaging system forwards/pushes the alarm to the corresponding nurse when such an alarm is noticed by the centralized monitoring system. The patient database carries information about the nurse and doctor responsible for each patient and in the event of an alarm pushes this only to the nurse responsible for the patient. The nurse is required to acknowledge the alarm and respond to it within a threshold amount of time failing which the alarm is escalated to a higher level.

3) Visual Alarm Panel: This alarm panel indicates visually through the use of LED's when an alarm is noticed by the CMS. This panel is present in the CMS room and serves as a visual alert system along with the on-screen monitor alerts.

Alarm panel.jpg

Alarm panel ckt.png

Hospital equipment adaptation: The project assumes that the equipments (Heart monitors etc.) can wirelessly or in a wired manner transmit information to the CMS. Thus, we simulate each equipment with a bit in the database. This project aims to be a specification that can be used by future hospital equipment manufacturers to build wireless support into these equipments.

Misc: With minimal adaptation, this system can be used to solve the communication problem discussed in class too. The same patient database already holds information about the patient's close relatives and their phone numbers. The system can be adapted to push periodic status message about each patient to the corresponding relative to indicate the patient's status.

Course Deliverables:

CMS (Audible) Project Documentaion - File:Audible presentation.pdf

CMS Source Code - All our source code is Open Source and is available on Vinay's Github account . Look for the repository named "cms". The repo contains both the Centralized Monitoring System, the Android service for use on the Nurses' mobiles and Web Services to push/pull patient status & records. We hope people would build upon this and deploy it as a fully functional system.

Open House Presentation Critique - File:Critique.pdf

CMS Schematic


Database Schema - File:Dbschema.pdf Dbschema.png