Yash's Closets

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These are the 2 pictures of the closets.

Closet 1: My Closet

             - Looks messy at a glance, but there exists an underlying logic of organization :)
             - Clothes are arranged in piles by type (shorts,shirts,pants,socks etc )
             - Because I have the habit of ironing the clothes before wearing, so I don't really keep them well-folded.
             - No "closet" yet, because of recent move-in
Yash Closet 1.jpg

Closet 2: My friend's closet

             - Has an actual well-organized closet.
             - Frequently used clothes are right at eye-level for ease of accessibility.
             - Less frequent items are kept farther down due to laziness of bending down :)
Yash Closet 2.jpg