Summary of the Grady ED Site Visit

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On Thursday, September 6, 2012, the HoF class took a trip to the Grady ED for a Site Visit. Ellie Post was kind enough to give us a lovely guided tour through the facility.

My first impression of Grady: noisy. My second: old. When I say noisy first, I mean I noticed standing outside the ED that the sliding glass door track was messed up and made the doors shutter as they closed. It created a lot of noise. Then I thought it was old as I glanced around, which was obvious for a building built in the 1950's, the building showed its wear and tear. The security guard wasn't very active, she sat there as we walked through a metal detector that just beeped incessantly because everyone has metal in their pockets. A lot of good that does, just creating more noise then necessary. Ellie then came in to greet all of us. As we started to walk around I noticed how old the surveillance cameras were. I began to think they weren't even functional they were so old, there mere size was enough to say "we have our eye on you" though. Next, I noticed the Workstations on Wheels, or WOW's. They were just in the hallway. When they are not in use they're an obstacle rather than a tool. They need to create docking stations for the WOW's. When you use a wrench you put it back in your toolbox when you're done, so concept should apply to the WOW's. Then, I heard another loud beeping coming from a patient's room from their heart monitor; their door was 3/4 closed. Then, as we came to the ambulance drop-off area for patients, I saw how it resembled cattle herding. It was sort of inhumane. It was an uncomfortable situation for everyone I felt. Then, I watched an orderly push a gurney and saw the oxygen bottles shift and make a loud thud, then crash against each other. Thud again. Isn't that contents under pressure? The noise level already was high but these sudden noises really raise it. Next, we made our way toward Marcus trauma center, but first we had to pass through the psych patients...which were on overload apparently...spilling over into the hallway. Only one was in restraints though, the others seems harmless. Some just made nonsense gibberish that couldn't be understood by anyone but their own minds. Next we passed by the jail. Ellie made a point of the jail. It seems like Grady's problems all could be solved if they could move or get rid of the jail. As we made our way into the trauma center I could see how beautiful it had been done. Very clean looking. But, the terrazzo floors sucked. Within minutes, I could already feel the pain in my knees and lower back. I had comfortable dress shoes on too, I know this pain, I comes from standing around with little movement on extremely hard surfaces. It's a shame they didn't use a more rubberized material like they have in the rest of the ED. Ellie also mentioned that the MRI is sort of a hike from the ED. Also, since I had left the triage area...I had completely lost my sense of direction. There are a lot of corridors, not much natural light or views to the outside to get my bearings. There was nothing but Ellie to help me with my way finding. Shopping malls have kiosks with maps, maybe ED's can have them mounted up on the walls at intersections of corridors. I did like the nice touch with upgrading to the patients all being on the LCD display like how they have flights at the airport. They probably should just take the old board down and have their party already. Lastly, and this has nothing to do with the ED, but more relates to what I am doing with Bob Farrow's studio, they have serious parking issues.