Qing Guo (Michelle)

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My name is Qing Guo (Michelle). I am an undergraduate Industrial Engineering senior. I am Chinese, and I am from a city called Jining in northern Mainland China. This course is attractive to me because I know so little about Healthcare System and Design, and I am so willing to learn and explore. I am adaptable and a quick learner, and I hope I can contribute to this class as a fresh pair of new eyes. I would love to work with people who are more experienced and from different disciplines and learn from them. I love to travel and collect postcards along the way.

Reflection 8/21

After the lecture on Tuesday, I am more familiar with the Healthcare System in the U.S. It's always been the most conversational argument in politics nowadays, and I think it's critical that more scholars working on solving this issue. I also got to learn a lot about the Emergency Department. I have had a personal experience in the ER when I was in high school. I cut my finger while working on my architecture project and my kept bleeding for a while. My art teacher had to drive me to the hospital to stop the bleeding. However, I was waiting in the ER for almost an hour for a doctor to be available and my hand was really gross because the blood was all over the place. It was not a great hospital experience. I wish it would be a more safe and efficient process for patients.

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