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Hi, my name is Mothusi Phometsi. I am a PhD student in the Georgia Tech College of Architecture.

8/21/2012 Reflection: The introduction to class was very interesting today especially to learn about the inefficiencies in the health care delivery systems. Personally, I can relate to that because every time a member of my family has been to the ER, we usually have gotten immediate attention but the follow ups have been horrendous leading to hours of waiting in the ER. In fact, the last time I was there because my wife had medical conditions, we ended fighting for a discharge while waiting for a doctor and it was granted on condition that we follow up with our primary doctors as well as specialty visits

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8/30/2012 Reflection: The ED is definitely a complex sub-system of a hospital. Today I can appreciate the organic and dynamic nature of day to day developments in the ED as well as information flow to the ED and through the ED to other parts of a health system. I have also come to understand the role of the ED in providing universal health care and the challenges brought by the uninsured to the ED.

9/4/2012 Reflection: Evidenced based design takes statistics and human response patterns into consideration to solve design problems. In our discussion today, it was very surprising to learn that Doctors and Nurses do not always wash hands when dealing with patients, the statics were quite shocking. It was also interesting to learn about the MRSA infection studies for shared hospital rooms and these studies have affected policy making in the US.

9/6/2012 Reflection: It was interesting to listen to the feedback from the Grady ED visit. Also Mr. Cowan's description of the various approaches to problem solving exhibited by our class's diverse disciplines was quite interesting. I for sure can see the value to working with people who think differently than I do and actually learn something new from them. Our society is very complex today and best solutions can be achieved through a collaborative process that brings different view points.

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