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I am a second year Phd student at the Biomedical Engineering department. I did my bachelors in BME dual major computer science from Sathyabama University, India and master's in Clinical Engineering from IIT Madras, India. I currently work in the field of mobile health and health informatics.

Reflections 8/22/2012

I had to spent about 8 months during my bachelor's and about 1 year during my masters in the hospital environment. During my masters visits to the ER were a part of the curriculum. I have seen that ER in India is mainly the place where the cases requiring more urgent and immediate care are dealt with. The patients with less urgency are referred typically to outpatient care or to specialists as the case maybe. It is typically the part of the hospital which deals with high risk patients requiring immediate care.

I look forward to understanding the US system and the different types of challenges typically posed.

Reflections ER Visits 9/6/2012

One major factors which struck me especially after the previous classes was the level of noise and the inherent activity in the hospital. I had never given much thought to the noisy environment during my previous visits. I was good to see that constant efforts were being made to improve patient care at affordable costs. The fact that the pediatric ER was close to maternal ER which could also be used as a maternity room if needed was good thinking. However, I felt that some more changes could be made to the structural design to improve visibility of patients to the caregiver and help improve communication amongst the caregivers and also between the caregiver and the patients. Yet another thought which came to my mind was to use current technology available better improve communication.