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Hello, I'm Eric Esposito. I've come to Georgia from the land of ice & snow (northeast Ohio that is) for my master's here at Tech. I'm in the last year of the M.Arch program here are Georgia Tech and will be graduating in May 2013.

My previous undergraduate education was at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. I received a B.A. in Psychology in May 2009 and a B.S. in Architecture in May 2011.

My goal upon graduation is to gain employment working in a firm that does design work in Healthcare. Becoming EDAC & LEED certified and as well as become a registered architect are also goals of mine.

As far as blogging about the course, I will try to keep up as frequently as possible Ellen!

And clicking on my summary of the Grady ED Site Visit should fill you in more on my insights on the trip!