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My wife's reasoning for how her closet is organized:

The jewelry and accessories are hanging up to make matching easily with clothes that are hanging up. The hanging clothes begin with more casual and gradually get more dressy. They are also arranged from warm weather to cold weather (start at tank tops and end at long-sleeved). After tops, there are skirts. After skirts, there are dresses that are also arranged from casual to dressy gowns. The bottom rack is casual everyday shirts that she wears the most often. The shirts are more easily accessible for everyday use being on the bottom. She has a basketball "for some reason in my clothes". Tubs are on the floor with winter clothes and "overflow" clothes that she didn't have enough hangers for. Overflow tub rotates what it has in it. Frames are on the top because they are awaiting pictures and need to be kept safe and out of the way for now. Big bag full of plastic bags is in "general storage area". It is out of way of general living space, but quickly accessible if needed. Toolkit is there to beat husband in case of misbehavior. Shoes are hung on door of closet to save space and easier to visualize when compiling an outfit.