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Health Systems Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology
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Masters Program

Admissions and Requirements

A student seeking admission to the Health Systems Masters program should complete the Georgia Tech online application process via the Health Systems programs information area within the Georgia Tech Admissions website.

The General portion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required of all applicants. Substitutions for the GRE (i.e., GMAT, prior degree work, etc.) are not allowed unless a specific degree option and/or applicant’s background warrants such consideration.

A student seeking a Master's degree must have a Bachelor's degree and typically one earned in an engineering discipline, science, mathematics, or some other field that provides an adequate background for the successful completion of one of the School's programs. Students having backgrounds that are less than good matches as well as ones from unaccredited degree programs, can expect to be asked to progress through (possibly substantial) preliminary coursework in order to elevate their preparation to the level required. The prerequisite coursework for the various Master's degrees is described subsequently. This makeup work can be taken at Georgia Tech or from other institutions providing similarly rigorous offerings..

Admissions decisions are based, in large measure, on information derived from three sources:

  • Performance in all prior degree programs (earned GPA, field(s), institution(s))
  • GRE scores, especially the quantitative and analytical portions.
  • Credible letters of reference.

Candidates pursuing a Masters degree should have or be willing to attain a mathematics background essentially equivalent to the first two years of an engineering degree, including exposure to a course in linear algebra. In addition, solid undergraduate-level courses in probability, statistics, and the fundamental methodologies of operations research will be expected before enrolling in any of the respective graduate courses called for in the stated degree programs below. In general, students are expected to abide by the listed prerequisites for all graduate courses.

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